Ein Tag als Smiley


Have you ever had a heavly day?
On my heavenly day I was in a hotel dressed as a smiley man dancing with lots of
joyful children.

Every morning in the hotel a person dresses up as a buffalo named Kasimir and goes through the restaurant as people are having their breakfast. Next all the kids go with him in front of the hotel bar and dance to music with him.

Kasimir always comes and the last two times I was in FAMILYHOTEL Lilly a mouse girl or Smiley a Smiley man went to greet the children too. Smiley is not real., he is a costume that a person can get inside of and walk about in. Pssst dont't tell this to the little children (!!!!!).

But Kasimir, Lilly and Smiley are real to me. It all happened when I wrote a letter to kasimir asking if I could meet Smiley and he said "yes". That's how all happenend. He tol me to be at the Kinderclub by 9:15. First of all Gerti (helper from the Kinderclub) wanted me to be Lilly but Lilly is a girl but I'm a boy so I said NO. I want to be Smiley and Gerti said OK, so I ran down to the dressing room and got my costume on. And boy oh boy did I feel great, but to tell the truth by the end I was like a sizzled sausage.

I went out the door and walked past reception and I saw happy, excited children, eyes shining, expectation with happiness like bangers and fireworks on New Years Eve. First I went downstairs and through the restaurant and out again. I can remember fathers and mothers bringing little babies to me and hugging children, big, medium and small, I liked them all.

The I walked up to the hotel bar and danced with the cildren. Finally I walked to the door again and said good bye and went back into the dressing room and undress and had breakfast with my parents.

I will never forget the lovely time I had with the children. If you ever want to become Kasimir, Lilly or Smiley don't hesitate just ask and maybe you can be. If you want to go to the hotel website then enter www.reiters-hotels.com

Please Mr. Reiter

Jacob, 9. Jahre, Polen

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